Medicine Keeper Initiation

Take your rightful place as a MEDICINE KEEPER

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I'm a busy bee this Spring, working on numerous rare butterfly projects and the Malaise Airways Rebirth Experience and have decided not to offer the Spring Awakening series this year. Stay tuned for more Medicine Keeper classes this Summer and Fall!

Spring Awakening

HIVEMIND on Sunday, April 8th

FLOWER POWERS on Sunday, April 22nd (Earth Day!)

RITES OF SPRING on Sunday, May 6th


A.M. -Los Angeles, California


"It's less of a class for me and more of a practice. It's for anyone at any level who's interested in deepening their connection with themselves and with the planet."

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What is a Medicine Keeper?

We are dedicated guardians of nature's sacred medicine. We carry the ability to grow, protect and prepare legal, natural sacraments. We are the next generation of healers and protectors working to preserve ancestral wisdom and the biodiversity of the planet.

What can you offer?


The answer may surprise you! Medicine Keeping is about cultivating a relationship of gratitude and reciprocity in service to the natural world. This work is a collaboration between yourself, the other students, myself and, of course, the plants!

I can't wait to help you discover your innate wisdom and special gifts. Your stories and discoveries are your offerings, your unique medicine. In this time of deep alienation from the natural world, your gifts are desperately needed!

What will you receive?


This in-depth, 4 season program offers a hands-on, experiential initiation into the realm of sacred plants. This form of embodied practice develops your skills of perception and attunes all your senses to unlock your innate ability to communicate directly with nature. Part science, part alchemy, we open ourselves to receive the full spectrum of wisdom available to us.

Each of the four seasons focuses on different seasonal themes, plants and fungi, specific to that time of year.

Graduates who have completed all 4 seasonal initiations are eligible to apply for the second year Medicine Keeper Apprenticeship.

Medicine keeper training includes:

  • Identifying, growing and preparing a range of legal, sacred medicines
  • Deepening your understanding of the ecology and traditional uses of these plants
  • Protecting legal and abundant access to natural medicine for generations to come
  • Preserving and expanding the living body of knowledge with respect for cultural traditions
  • Conserving and restoring the habitat where we live and where these medicines grow
  • Creating ceremonial tools, artwork and storytelling
  • Practicing ethical wildcrafting and exploring wild Nature!

How can you participate?

Get connected to hear about opportunities for individual study, group practice and retreats

You will receive announcements about our 4 seasonal series, upcoming retreats, hikes and distance learning options (we're working to develop this) as well as free talks and events.



I am committed to keeping these teachings accessible and I charge what I believe them to be worth. If the cost of one of my offerings is a barrier for you, please contact me directly to discuss scholarship or work trade options. Scholarships are available to participants of African and/or recent Indigenous ancestry (Native American or otherwise), LGBTQ folks, veterans and for those serving historically marginalized populations.

Kirra Swenerton, M.S.

"I see my role is more of an intermediary, medium or translator between the plant world and the human world. I teach that through careful observation, presence, study we can learn to perceive what plants are communicating to us."