Cannabis-Enhanced Nature Rituals with Kirra Swenerton

The next quests: Sat Aug 10th & Sun Sept 29th

12-3:30 PM

Labyrinth Walk

Sibley volcanic regional preserve

6800 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA 94611

Pre-registration and RSVP required. No drop-ins please.

Are you interested in organizing a guided Cannabis ritual for a group of 6+ near you? Please contact me directly to schedule.


What a glorious way to spend the day! Learning about plants, hiking with a group of lovely souls, and bringing ritual and consciousness to the way we move in the natural world. Kirra taught us how to be a graceful guest in nature - something that will stay with me forever.


Kirra gently walked me to a rarely explored side of my reality in a way that made me comfortable despite my natural inhibitions around the unfamiliar. Her presence gave me a sense of safety that let me wander in the liminal space of my mind until I settled near the edge of a watery universe teeming with life, unbounded beauty and complexity. Peering into the landscape of plants and creatures all around let me come to peace with where I come from, the things that have passed, and gave me a small nudge in the direction nature guides.

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We blaze the way

Cannabis is an ancient, natural companion for exploring our inner and outer worlds. Wild landscapes, textures, colors, smells and sounds all come alive, with Cannabis in our bodies.

The way is old and familiar, though few choose to follow this enchanted path.

Many have forgotten the way.

We choose to gather, to sit and smoke and watch the long-forgotten path appear before us.

We remember our sacred relationship with Cannabis and with the land.

Prepare to AWAKEN the POWER of your WILD SPIRIT!


  • Experience Cannabis as a teacher, ally and guide

  • Activate your own perceptive abilities

  • Learn to trust your nature

Join ecologist and ritualist, Kirra Swenerton, for a guided journey into nature, where we begin with an introduction to the land, grounding meditation and ritual incorporation of Cannabis.

That is one of the gifts that cannabis offers - to be a muse for those of us who wish to contemplate and understand, or perhaps spend a little time just appreciating the mystery of it all.
— Kathleen Harrison, Ethnobotanist


  • BYOCannabis (your preferred form of Cannabis for yourself for sharing)

  • Sign up with a friend and you each SAVE FIVE BUCKS

  • Bring your plants but please leave your pets at home

  • This is an inclusive event is for humans 21+ and over who can hike up to 2 miles on uneven ground

  • This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event (especially smouldering butts)



Q: Do you sell Cannabis at these events?
A: No, we do not sell Cannabis or Cannabis products. But there will be plenty for sharing. Feel free to BYO favorite to share with others, as well.

Q: Do I need a medical marijuana card to attend?
A: No. An MMJ card is not required, but please carry ID that shows you are 21+. Know your rights about Cannabis in California.

Q: Do I have to smoke Cannabis to attend?
A: No. It's completely up to you. Listen to your body and do what feels right. Some people with respiratory issues prefer vaporizing or edible Cannabis instead of smoking.

Q: How much Cannabis should I take for this journey?
A: Each person's sensitivity to Cannabis is different. For this kind of ritual, I find that a low, effective dose is best. If you are not a frequent Cannabis user, err on the side of caution and begin with a small amount (especially with edibles).

Q: What kind of Cannabis do you recommend for this journey?
A: High-quality, organic, sun-grown Cannabis is ideal. Home-grown or grown by a friend is even better! I recommend balanced indica/sativa hybrid strains (like Blue Dream) for these journeys.

Q: Do you offer worktrade, scholarships or sliding scale options?
A: Yes. I am committed to keeping these offerings accessible and I charge what I believe them to be worth. If cost is a barrier for you, please contact me directly to discuss scholarship or work trade options. Scholarships are available to participants of African and/or recent Indigenous ancestry (Native American or otherwise), LGBTQ folks, veterans and for those serving historically marginalized populations. Cannabis industry folks pay half price.

Q: Do you cancel when it rains?
A: If the forecast predicts heavy rain, we will cancel the journey. You will receive notification the day before the event and your registration may be carried forward to any future journey.


  • BYO Cannabis (your preferred form of Cannabis for yourself for sharing)

  • A biodegradable offering for the land such as natural tobacco, water, a piece of your hair, etc. or a small bag for cleaning up litter

  • Water and snacks

  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes (we will be walking on unpaved trails of moderate difficulty)

  • Sun protection and warm layers (you never know, this is the Bay!)

  • Directions (cell service near trailheads are spotty)


  • Notebook (optional)