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Psanctum Psychedelia

In this episode of Voices of the Psychedelic Renaissance Kirra Swenerton, founder and lead scientist at Root Wisdom, joins Psanctum Psychedelia to discuss her work with plant medicine, plant and animal conservation, ancestral healing and ritual work. Kirra about reciprocity, conservation, ritual and remembrance.



With Amanda Noconi, Tara Rose, Aryshta Dean, Kristina Castleberry, Ana Holub, Meriana Dinkova and Kirra Swenerton.

Feminist herbs, spiritual midwifery, priestesses, pleasure, witch burning, decolonization, healing from the inside out, embracing the shadow and more!

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SPiritual ecosystems 101:

Relational Technologies for Navigating Non-Ordinary States

Learn to intentionally strengthen relationships within your own spiritual ecosystem to potentiate your journeys, access greater wisdom and ease the integration process. In this talk from the 2018 Exploring Psychedelics Conference, I share a number of effective techniques, tools and practices for weaving safe ritual containers and developing lasting relationships with ancestral guides and affiliate spirits.

Listen via the Entheogenic Evolution Podcast or view the slideshow here.


Sustainable Plant Medicines

Amanda, of Psilly Rabbits Podcast, interviews instructor of sacred plant medicine, ethnobotany and ecology, Kirra Swenerton.  We discuss the 2017 MAPS conference, reciprocity, peyote conservation, tobacco, learning from plant teachers and reclaiming the plants of our own ancestors.


take your rightful place:

Land, Ancestors & What it Truly Means to Belong

This talk ranges from animism, to ecology, psychedelics to cultural appropriation and from witchcraft to eating dirt. This lecture is free, courtesy of Wild Feminine Un.leashed.


4th Annual Fall Symposium Panel:

Entheogens and Sustainability

Entheogenic Research, Integration & Education (ERIE) presents the 4th Annual Fall Symposium: Entheogens and Sustainability, with Tezwar Perez, the Republic of Light, and Kirra Swenerton, at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco.



Conserving Cactus medicine

Recorded at the 2017 Exploring Psychedelics Conference. As ritual and therapeutic use of entheogens increases, it is critical that conservation of natural sources and sustainable harvesting practices keep pace. In this talk, I envision entheogens as teachers and allies rather than tools and products. Recounting the stories of the sacred peyote, I share how people are acting to protect this imperiled plant, the land and their traditions.

Watch the video here and download the slides here.